Václav Vančura

I am saving the world with squares and rectangles.

  • Cuteness Overload

    Our two cat sisters are usually unable to sit next to each other – they tend to fight all day (and night) long, so I had to be quick when I saw this.

  • Freeze

    Early morning in Libeň.

  • IZS

    A helicopter landing on the roof of Motol hospital.

  • Žižkov

    Sunrise over Žižkov, Prague, Czech Republic.

  • So Cold!

    Baltic sea was so cold today! Just 25 degrees! Eeks.

  • Beach at Night

    Sunset today was terrific – but I don't want to bother you with another kitschy sun & sea photo. Instead, here's a nice human-feet-untouched sand closeup a few whiles later.

  • Wydma Łącka

    Sunny but windy day on nearby dunes.

  • Dunes of Łeba

    We're now in Łeba, Poland, for some quality family time. It was very windy today, but that's fine as we're happy we have escaped the Berlin heat wave for a few days.

  • Good Morning Kreuzberg

    We love this kind of Berlin architecture with large windows. It would be just more pleasant if the heatwave was over.

  • Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe

    A lot happened today, and hard to find the right photo. It's blazingly hot these days in Berlin (up to 34 degrees) – the Memorial shadows offered some nice cooldown, but maybe because of the heat wave the feeling of the place was more powerful than usual. Not all the people felt it the same way: there were numbers of kids jumping on the blocks and countless tourists shooting selfies. I felt this lady somehow precisely matched the mood in the scorching summer air.

  • Murdered Jews Memorial?

    For the record here are the idiots jumping on the blocks. See my previous photo on what I mean.

  • Starship Kreuzberg Alliance

    Our vacation spacecraft to Berlin and Łeba has just departed. We have arrived at Kreuzberg, Berlin, and it's incredible. Maybe we shouldn't have eaten all that kebap, and it would perhaps be better if it were not so hot, but so far, amazeballs.

  • Joyrider

    My daughter found out she's not alone who has her hat.

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